Greg Gianforte Is Securing Montana’s Future With His Comprehensive Comeback Plan

Montana Republican Greg Gianforte is hitting the ground running in his campaign for governor and receiving widespread praise for his comprehensive plan to revitalize the Treasure State: the Montana Comeback Plan.

With over 30 years of experience as a private sector entrepreneur, growing multiple start-ups into successful businesses and creating hundreds of high-wage jobs in Montana, Gianforte’s detailed roadmap for recovery leaves no citizen or business behind. The plan lays out four key goals: Getting Montana’s economy growing; Getting Montanans back to work; Increasing access to affordable, high-quality healthcare; and preserving Montana’s unique way of life, including protecting public lands.

Praise for the Montana Comeback Plan:

NBC Montana: “The plan outlines how the gubernatorial candidate plans to reopen Montana’s economy in the wake of COVID-19 and how to add more jobs to the state…Gianforte’s plan outlines how he wants to increase trades in education, active forest management, expand manufacturing, high-tech agriculture and more.”

KTVH: “[T]he ambitious plan also outlined a broad range of policy initiatives that go beyond just rebuilding the economy, from attacking what Gianforte called ‘the drug epidemic’ in Montana to lowering prescription drug prices.”

Great Falls Tribune: “Gianforte said he would order a regulatory review of every state agency and eliminate ‘unnecessary regulations.’ He also said he would encourage entrepreneurship, recruit new businesses, [improve] infrastructure, including increasing access to broadband, and work with tribal governments to create more and better opportunities.”

The Sanders County Ledger: “Gianforte said before he developed the Montana Comeback Plan, he visited the front lines of every corner of the state and listened to what he was told. He said feels by taking the priorities of Montanans, he can, with his plan, allow Montana to achieve its full potential.”

“Greg Gianforte is charting a clear and compelling pathway to build a better, brighter future for all Montanans, and he’s the only candidate with the real-world experience to make that vision a reality for working Montana families,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “By rejecting more of the same stagnation from career politician Mike Cooney and electing Greg Gianforte as governor, voters can put Montana on track for a strong comeback and even stronger next chapter.”