Greenwich Sentinel Endorses Bob Stefanowski For Connecticut Governor

The Greenwich Sentinel has endorsed Republican nominee Bob Stefanowski for governor in Connecticut as his campaign continues to surge in recent polls. 

In their endorsement, The Greenwich Sentinel praises Stefanowski for his “bold and necessary” plan to restore fiscal responsibility as well as his “ambitious” goals to cut taxes for families across Connecticut

Bob Stefanowski continues to prove that he is the only candidate with the plan to get Connecticut back on the right path as his pro-jobs agenda resonates with voters.

The Greenwich Sentinel writes:

“We believe that Bob Stefanowski’s plan is both bold and necessary. Instead of looking at making cuts to the current budget, which too often turns into a political war as special interests struggle to keep their budgets intact, he turns the idea of spending cuts and tax increases upside down.

His idea is to begin with a zero budget and build it up, justifying every dollar and program as it is rebuilt. He will ask why, a sometimes uncomfortable question we feel should be asked more often. 

Stefanowski wants to eliminate the state death tax, which brings in less and less revenue as retirees escape to the other states He also wants to repeal our corporate tax, which has a top rate higher than any of our neighbors and makes it tough to compete for new businesses. And he wants to phase out the individual income tax over eight years to retain the young and successful. 

Stefanowski’s ideas are definitely ambitious and there are plenty of people who say it will not work, but we would like to find out.”