“The governor’s proposal is not serious”

In case you missed it, the AP’s Scott Bauer reported that Tony Evers Hasn’t Met With Republican Lawmakers To Discuss $91 Billion Budget Proposal.

[Senate Majority Leader Devin] LeMahieu said in a statement that he wanted to meet with Evers.

“I’d really like to have a more regular dialogue with him. I think the people of Wisconsin benefit when we all work together,” LeMahieu said. “I’m willing to do that.”

[Assembly Speaker Robin] Vos said in a statement that Republicans were also listening to the people, and that Evers was just trying to get what he wants without input from the GOP-controlled Legislature.

“The governor’s proposal is not serious and Republicans will again write a responsible budget that funds the state’s priorities,” he said.
Evers’ refusal to work with lawmakers in both parties is far from new. The AP also noted that “Evers signed the last state budget in 2019 after every Democrat in the Legislature voted against it.”

“Governor Evers’ top-down, heavy-handed approach to lawmaking without working with members of either party is a far cry from the faux-bipartisanship he attempts to tout,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “Evers’ actions clearly show his words are empty. Wisconsinites are watching and will hold him accountable at the ballot box in 2022.”