Governors Chris Sununu and Phil Scott Make The Case For USMCA Ratification

GOP Governors are in agreement: it’s time for Congress to review and ratify the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Following last month’s release of a letter of support signed by all 28 Republican governors, two of the most popular governors in the country are teaming up to keep the pressure on to pass USMCA.

Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Governor Phil Scott of Vermont penned a joint op-ed, published in the New Hampshire Union Leader, laying out how ratification of the agreement will expand opportunity for working families in their states and across the country.

The governors write:

Every day that passes before the agreement is ratified in Congress, is another day employers, workers and families are not benefiting from the new opportunities it makes possible and the higher standards it sets.

They also warn against letting partisan divides stall an agreement that will benefit people in all parts of the nation:

Congress should not politicize its ratification. This is a time for all members – Republicans and Democrats – to put economic, social and environmental progress ahead of partisan politics. On behalf of the residents of our states, we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with Canada under the new agreement and we urge Congress to give it prompt consideration and move swiftly forward with ratification.

With the majority of the nation’s governors firmly in support of the USMCA, there is widespread excitement for the economic growth and opportunity that the agreement will provide.