Governor Tate Reeves Earns Widespread Approval For COVID-19 Response

The vast majority of Mississippians are giving Governor Tate Reeves high marks for his leadership in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Magnolia State, according to a new poll conducted for Y’All Politics. Governor Reeves garners an 83% overall approval rating for both his response to the crisis and his performance as governor.

Just five months after taking office, over 70% of Magnolia State residents view Governor Reeves favorably, and over half believe Mississippi is on the right track as the governor courageously navigates challenges never seen before. His expansive COVID-19 testing program has placed Mississippi as the second most tested state in the South and sixth in the nation, and his widespread contact tracing efforts have quickened the state’s ability to safely reopen for business.

As he works around the clock to protect both public health and economic prosperity for Mississippians, it’s clear that Governor Reeves’ constituents back his strategy – despite nitpicking from left-leaning national media outlets. 72% of Mississippians agree with the governor’s approach to reopening – it’s their voices Governor Reeves is listening to as he leads the Magnolia State through to a recovery success story.