Governor Scott Walker Opens CPAC Explaining How the States Are Driving America’s Comeback

In his address this morning at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference, RGA Vice Chair and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave an uplifting speech on how Republican governors are driving success and achieving real results in the states. Governor Walker also spoke about the RGA’s opportunity in 2016 to go on offense, expand our majority and elect new Republican governors in states likes West Virginia, Missouri, New Hampshire, Montana, Vermont and others.

Watch Governor Walker’s address here.


“We should all remember that the federal government did not create the states; the states created the federal government.”

“The conservative movement is alive and well in states across America.”

“We can help grow the numbers of Republican governors by expanding with opportunities in open seats in places like West Virginia, and Missouri…in New Hampshire, Montana, and we even have the opportunity to elect a Republican governor in Vermont, the home state of Bernie Sanders.”

“In Indiana, under Gov. Mike Pence, they have a low unemployment rate and one of the largest voucher programs in the entire country.”

“In North Carolina, with Pat McCrory, they have a surplus on top of the fact that he had to pay down a $2.5 billion debt to the federal government.”

“In New Mexico, Susana Martinez has cut in half the business tax on employers in that state.”

“Look at South Carolina, because of Nikki Haley’s policies, there’s nearly 30,000 people who were once on welfare who are now working today.”

“And right here in Maryland, because of Larry Hogan, a Republican governor in Maryland, you now have a state budget that for the first time in 9 years does not include one single tax increase.”

“We see positive reforms in the states all across this great country. At the state level, we’re doing more than just winning elections, we’re getting things done and making a difference.”

“GOP Governors are getting things done: Tax cuts, Right to Work, welfare reform, education reform, school choice, protecting religious liberties. None of those are getting done in Washington, but they are getting done in state capitals across the country.”