DEBATE: Tony Evers’ failures on display for WI voters

Photo Credit: CNN

In tonight’s Wisconsin gubernatorial debate, Tim Michels took aim at Governor Tony Evers for failing Wisconsin families. Violent crime is breaking records, families are paying more for gas, groceries, and basic goods thanks to Evers’ and Biden’s policies, and Wisconsin schools are failing students and parents.

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Michels: “What are some of the problem? Joe Biden: weak on inflation. Canceling the Keystone Pipeline. What can we do? We can put more money in people’s pockets. I’m a businessman. I understand macro economics. I understand how to read a balance sheet. I’m gonna do everything I can to put more money in people’s pockets. To help them with the price at the pump and this surge in price of groceries.”

After Evers fails to address how to curb violence in Milwaukee, Michels is clear: Wisconsin needs a governor who will take the safety of Wisconsin families seriously:


Michels: “But let’s talk about crime in Milwaukee, I’ve spent a lot of time in the inner-city in Milwaukee. People tell me, Tim, ‘why are you spending time near north side or the south side of Milwaukee?’  And I said because I’m going to be a governor for all. Milwaukee is not the problem, Milwaukee has a problem and I’m gonna fix it. We’re going to get crime down and we’re going to get education scores up to provide opportunity for the young men and women that have no option but to be on the streets.”
Michels: “Our education system is broken in Wisconsin. What do I mean by that? The test scores continue to go down, the state test the forward test, bad numbers getting worse. The national test, the NAEP test, the numbers continue to go down. Tony Evers, he’s been in charge of education his whole life, He’s been a head of education here in Wisconsin for the past 13-14 years. You would think that education would be going well under his leadership, but it’s not. Something has to change. Why? Because we have 9 schools in Wisconsin where the reading comprehension score is zero. 60% of the kids in our schools cannot read at the grade level.”

Michels: “Right now, Governor Evers – the Evers-Barnes administration – made a pledge four years ago during their campaign to cut in half the prison population. They released over a thousand convicted felons. The have about 10,000 more to go if you do the simple math on 21,000 people being incarcerated in Wisconsin. And of those, about 300 are convicted murderers, attempted murderers, 44 are child rapists.”