Governor Phil Scott Stands Firm On Pledge To Fight Unaffordable Tax Hikes In Vermont

As he works to expand opportunity and spur job growth in Vermont, Governor Phil Scott is standing firm on his promise to oppose tax hikes on working families. Governor Scott recently proposed a five year education revitalization and tax stabilization plan that will close the state’s budget gap, without raising taxes. As Governor Scott follows through on his pledge to fight against efforts to raise the tax burden on the people of Vermont, he’s setting a clear example for how to move his state forward

My Champlain Valley reports:

“From the start Governor Scott has been adamantly against increasing taxes- stating that Vermonters simply can’t afford it.

The Scott Administration is calling out the legislature, saying its proposals will create 83 million dollars in new taxes.

The Governor recently proposed a 5 year education revitalization and tax stabilization plan.

He says the plan will plug a 58 million dollar gap in the education fund without taxpayer money.

The plan would utilize money from the state’s 19 million dollar tobacco settlement, surplus revenues and reserve money, but legislators have not embraced the governor’s plans.

‘As too many of our families and business are well aware, the affordability crisis in Vermont is real, and its undermine economies in most counties across the state in particular the rural areas of our state and the eastern side that battle every day with tax free New Hampshire.’ Said Governor Scott.

Scott says willing to compromise on some of the point within the revitalization and stabilization plan, but is standing firm on no new taxes.”