Governor Mike Parson Signs Landmark Licensing Reforms To Boost Jobs In The Show Me State

Escalating Missouri’s already promising economic rebound, Governor Mike Parson took sweeping action this week to remove unnecessary government red tape and incentivize new jobs and entrepreneurship in the Show Me State.

The governor signed legislation expanding and streamlining licensing reciprocity, giving Missouri a new tool to attract talent by allowing professionals moving into the state to obtain equal licenses without delay, as well as opening up more professions to streamlined licensing, such as engineers, land surveyors, and healthcare providers.

“By expanding license reciprocity, HB 2046 will eliminate governmental barriers to employment and allow citizens to become licensed faster when moving or needing to find work in Missouri. This will not only help fill critical jobs in our economy but also highlight Missouri as an ideal state to live and work,” said Governor Parson during the signing ceremony.

Governor Parson’s action also expanded opportunities for Missourians who have experienced employment challenges. Included in the bill, the Fresh Start Act prevents licensing boards from denying workers a license based on their criminal history, with exceptions, and the Expanded Workforce Act paves the way for more apprenticeships in the state by allowing apprentices to secure industry licenses.

Governor Parson’s action was applauded by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which specifically cited the legislation as a tool to strengthen the state’s economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This week’s action follows Governor Parson’s expansion of license reciprocity for military spouses in April.

“Governor Parson’s bold action to make it easier for professionals to get a license and get to work builds on his strong record of championing Missouri’s workforce and fostering opportunity for all,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Governor Parson is putting the Show Me State on the map as a thriving, flexible economy ready to reach even greater heights.”