Governor Mike Parson Kicks Off Reelection Campaign, Opponent Faces “Uphill Battle”

On Sunday, in his native Bolivar, Missouri, Governor Mike Parson formally launched his reelection campaign. Addressing a crowd of over a thousand enthusiastic supporters, Governor Parson highlighted his record of success in delivering results for Missourians and laid out his vision for the future of the state.

Press coverage of the governor’s announcement bolstered his strong record to run on. As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “[Governor Parson] has focused attention on initiatives he says will boost the state’s workforce and modernize its infrastructure” – themes he stressed in his announcement as a way to bring greater “opportunities” to Missourians. The Associated Press wrote that Parson is “expected to make strong 2020 bid.”

Editorial boards agree. The Jefferson City News Tribune previously noted that a Democratic challenger to the governor would face an “uphill battle,” and the Kansas City Star editorial board credited Governor Parson for “setting exactly the right tone” in his administration.

This widespread praise isn’t surprising given the results Governor Parson has already delivered, including the largest single-year income tax cut in state history while fully funding K-12 schools for the third time on record. More people are working than ever before in state history, more than 40,000 new jobs have been created since Governor Parson took office, and he was named the Missouri Association of Workforce Development’s 2019 Person of the Year.

“From lowering taxes and growing jobs to investing in education, transportation, and workforce development, Governor Parson has delivered on his promises and shown that he will fight to expand opportunities for all Missourians,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Governor Parson has a strong case to make to Missouri voters that he needs four more years to continue achieving these incredible results for the state.”

Governor Parson Has Kept His Promises, “Score[d] Wins” For The People Of Missouri

PROMISE MADE: In His 2019 State Of The State Address Governor Parson Committed To Working With The Legislature On An Infrastructure Plan To Repair Bridges Across Missouri.

  • GOVERNOR PARSON: “In addition to our rivers, Missouri has one of the largest highway systems in the country, and since we sit at the nexus of east and west, this system receives a great deal of strain. Nonetheless, we maintain this system with one of the lowest levels of funding in the country. Over the years, we have seen proposal go before voters and fail, but this cannot, and does not mean we are expected to do nothing. This is why I am asking you to consider an infrastructure plan. While funded through our budget savings, it will give us the ability to begin immediate work on nearly 250 bridges across the state of Missouri, all in need of critical repair or replacement. By doing so, we will be freeing up nearly $350 million in state and federal resources, allowing us to accelerate MoDOT’s current list of state infrastructure projects.”

PROMISE KEPT: Lawmakers Approved A Measure Authorizing Funding To Repair Bridges Across The State, “Allowing Gov. Mike Parson To Make Good On One Of His Top Priorities.”

  • Associated Press: “Missouri lawmakers approved a measure Friday that could authorize $301 million in bonds to repair 215 bridges across the state, allowing Gov. Mike Parson to make good on one of his top priorities just hours before wrapping up their annual session… Lawmakers reduced the bond costs by instead putting $50 million of general revenue into next year’s budget to help fix 35 bridges.”

PROMISE MADE: Governor Parson Laid Out A Bold Workforce Development Plan To Ensure That Missourians Excel In Meeting The Demands Of The 21st Century Economy.

  • GOVERNOR PARSON: “Finally, when looking ahead, we know that we are up against the clock, competing with every other state across the country – but Missouri will be ready. With the right tools in the toolbox, we’ll be ready to ensure our state will move forward in workforce development and all Missourians will prosper.”

PROMISE KEPT: Governor Parson Enacted legislation Which Invests In And Streamlines Workforce Training Programs, Assists Businesses, And Allows General Motors To Expand Its Presence In Missouri.

  • St. Louis Post Dispatch: “The legislation includes a four-part plan to help existing businesses and draw new companies to the state, including the $10 million Fast Track program, which will provide scholarships for adult learners to pursue training for high demand industries. It also streamlines the state’s workforce training programs and creates a $25 million deal-closing fund to give Missouri a key negotiating tool to finalize business investment opportunities. And, it gives General Motors $50 million in tax credits if the automaker spends $750 million to upgrade its facility.”

PROMISE MADE: In His 2019 State Of The State Address, Governor Parson Promised To Restructure State Government.

  • GOVERNOR PARSON: “Under my administration, we are going to fundamentally restructure state government, demand greater efficiency and accountability, and improve our customer service to all Missourians. I’ll admit, this is going to take some time, but we are not going to put it off any longer. It will start today.”

PROMISE KEPT: State Agencies Have Become Streamlined And Better Aligned Under Governor Parson, Making Them More Efficient And Responsive To Missourians.

  • The Jefferson City News Tribune: “The restructuring of some state departments that Gov. Mike Parson ordered in January became official Wednesday, with the goal of bolstering the state’s economy. Using executive orders, Parson earlier this year down-sized the state’s Economic Development Department through moving offices to other state departments, some of which have been renamed: Moving the Division of Energy to the Department of Natural Resources; Moving the Division of Workforce Development and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center to the Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development — formerly known as the Department of Higher Education; And moving the Public Service Commission and Office of Public Counsel to the Department of Commerce and Insurance — formerly known as the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions and Professional Registration. The Missouri Arts Council was also moved to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.”