Governor Kim Reynolds Leads By Example, Elevates A Staff Of Female Leaders

Iowa’s GOP Governor Kim Reynolds is taking action to make leading by example a top priority for her administration.

The Des Moines Register reports that Governor Reynolds has elevated a staff of female leaders, hiring women to the top four positions of her administrative staff.

As Iowa’s first elected female chief executive, Governor Reynolds is sending a clear message that she will continue to be a strong leader for women in Iowa.

Via The Des Moines Register:

“Kim Reynolds made history in November as Iowa’s first elected female governor. And as she prepares for a new legislative session to begin Monday, she’s got a cadre of female staffers at her side.

The top four positions in her administrative office now belong to women. 

“I think we’re going to get a lot of stuff done,” Reynolds said of her female-driven leadership team. “We’re used to balancing a lot of balls, keeping a lot of things going. And I think just as women we tend to identify a problem, address a problem, find a workable solution and move to the next.”