Governor Chris Sununu Is Making Life Easier For Working Parents

A new policy initiative announced this week by by New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu will allow more moms and dads to bring their infant children to work. The governor’s “Infants in the Workplace” initiative, enacted through executive order on Monday, empowers state employees in more than 20 state agencies and departments to bring infants between the ages of six weeks and six months into their place of work.

As Governor Sununu noted during the announcement, this new initiative will ensure that state government stays competitive in the Granite State’s booming economy, ease the burden of childcare on many new parents, and “provide[s] working families with options to give their kids the healthiest possible start to life while allowing them to remain in the workforce.” Parents will have the opportunity to be with their infant children during their earliest stages in life, some of the most critical times in a child’s development.

Working parents and advocates are already applauding Governor Sununu’s innovative family-friendly policy, which builds on his robust record of common-sense policies that benefit all Granite Staters.