Governor Chris Sununu 50; Partisan Democrats 1

NH Democrats’ Extreme Political Agenda Fails, 98% Of Sununu’s Vetoes Sustained

New Hampshire Democrats displayed unprecedented levels of partisanship during the 2019 legislative session, working to obstruct popular Republican Governor Chris Sununu from delivering results for the Granite State. Instead of working with the governor to pass a sound budget, liberal legislators spent the session pushing a hyper-partisan agenda that would have raised taxes and driven jobs out of the state.

In epic fashion, they failed.

Governor Sununu put the best interests of taxpayers ahead of politics, taking action to protect the liberties valued by citizens of the “Live Free or Die” state by vetoing overreaching bills and forcing Democrats to make it clear where they stand – with their party or with the people.

Common sense prevailed, and bipartisan legislators ultimately sustained 50 of the governor’s vetoes – a record for the state. 

NH Journal compared Sununu’s success fighting for the taxpayers to that of a dominating boxer:

“If the Veto Days 2019 legislative throwdown in Concord this week had been a fight, the refs would have called it. It’s not just that Gov. Chris Sununu had nearly every veto sustained — apparently setting a new record of veto victories for a sitting governor. It’s that the Democrats looked so hapless, helpless and hopeless as it happened.”

Through bold, bipartisan leadership and sticking to his principles, Governor Sununu was able to stop a state income tax falsely disguised as a paid leave bill (pushed by serial tax hiker and gubernatorial candidate Dan Feltes), a job crushing minimum wage bill, and bills that would have hiked up electricity rates and car insurance rates. With results like these, Granite Staters know who is really working for them.