Gov. Rick Snyder: Relentless Positive Action Gets Results

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association today launched the next video of the American Comeback project, a national advertising effort designed to tell the success stories and accomplishments of Republican governors.
Michigan governor Rick Snyder is the subject of this week’s video. Snyder, a self-proclaimed nerd, has fostered a remarkable turnaround in his traditionally blue state by adhering to fundamental governing principles in pursuit of meaningful, common sense solutions. His adage, “relentless positive action,” guides his decision making, and his leadership has paved the way for a long-awaited comeback and a brighter future for Michigan.

You can view Governor Snyder’s video here:

“Michigan was broken. We were at the bottom of the 50 states. I was hired to solve problems, so the way I view it is relentless positive action,” said Governor Snyder. “What’s the problem? What are the facts? What’s the common-sense solution? Let’s put it in place and be relentless in solving one problem after the other, and don’t waste time on blame or anything else. Let’s just get the job done.”

“The role of government isn’t to create jobs. It’s to create the environment for jobs to be created, for free enterprise to work. So we’ve done a lot on that front, and it’s showing,” Governor Snyder added. “We’re going to continue to see this growth because we’ve created that environment, and now we’re going to watch it flourish.”

“The answers aren’t coming from Washington. The answers are coming out of the governors, Republican governors,” Governor Snyder concluded.

In the coming weeks and months, the American Comeback project will grow to include more videos focused on individual Republican governors, their personal journeys and the progress they’ve made toward bringing prosperity to their states.

You can view the previously released American Comeback videos featuring Republican governors here: