As Gov. Phil Scott Stands Up For Taxpayers, Cook Political Report Moves Vermont Gov Race From “Likely GOP” To “Solid GOP” 

As he works to expand opportunity and fights against job-killing tax hikes, Governor Phil Scott continues to get results in Vermont, putting him in strong position for re-election this fall.

Cook Political Report has now changed its rating for the Vermont governor’s race from “Likely Republican” to “Solid Republican,” noting that Governor Scott is “among the most popular Governors in the nation” despite hailing from one of “the most Democratic states.” This comes little over a week after Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball also moved Vermont from “Likely Republican” to “Solid Republican.”

With an impressive record of accomplishments after just 18 months in office, Governor Scott’s pro-jobs, pro-taxpayer leadership is moving Vermont forward, giving him clear momentum for re-election in November.