Gov. MLG vs ethics watchdog

Governor Lujan Grisham’s misuse of taxpayer-funded staff to defend her from an allegation of sexual assault is raising eyebrows from an ethics watchdog, according to a new report.

After NM House Minority Leader Jim Townsend noticed that Governor Lujan Grisham used her official office press secretary to defend her in the face of allegations of sexual harassment and to discredit her alleged victim in 2019, Kendra Arnold, the executive director of the watchdog organization Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust slammed Lujan Grisham:
“Government officials are not allowed to campaign or engage in political activities while serving in their taxpayer-funded role. This is both to protect taxpayer funds and to ensure there isn’t tacit government approval of a campaign or political issue.”

Sexual harassmentmisuse of taxpayer resources,  attempts to discredit victim and inconsistent statements — all in a day’s work for MLG.