Gov. Mills’ partisan “power play”

Janet Mills boasted she was elected because of her ability to find “common ground.”

Yet by all accounts, Democrats in Maine’s state legislature will pass the first simple majority, partisan budget in more than 15 years with Governor Mills’ support today — a move described by the Maine press corps as a “power play.”

Janet Mills has one final chance to make good on her promise to govern in “a strictly non-partisan and non-political fashion” that she made again just yesterday and to call off her party’s sham budget process.

“Mainers thought they were getting a leader who could work with both Democrats and Republicans when they elected Janet Mills, but instead they got a fierce partisan running political ‘power plays’ designed to silence the other side of the aisle,” said RGA Spokesman Will Reinert. “Bipartisanship is critical to address the needs of hardworking people in Maine, and Governor Mills will be held accountable for her broken promise to reject political labels and ‘take each issue at a time.'”