Gov. Mills just made your groceries really (❗) expensive

Photo credit: Robert F. Bukaty

The cost of your bacon, fruit and milk are skyrocketing as inflation continues to increase thanks to Biden’s failed leadership, but that isn’t stopping Janet Mills from forcing families to pinch their pennies even further.

Today, Governor Mills signed into law a bill that will further increase the cost of putting food on the table by an estimated $59 a month.

That’s a gut punch Mainers can’t afford. But hey — I guess that’s just the cost of living in a Democrat-run state & country.

“Hardworking families already feel the pain from a higher cost of living, but Janet Mills is so laser-focused on her extreme partisan agenda she ignores that people will now pay more for groceries,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Governor Mills promised to ‘defend working people‘ when running for office, but instead she tacked an extra $13 a week onto to their bill at the supermarket checkout line.”