Gov. Evers is okay with defunding the police

Photo credit: State Journal

Homicide and violent crime rates are skyrocketing in Milwaukee and across the state, but Governor Tony Evers is fine with defunding the police. This comes on the heels of prominent Democrats calling to defund the police while paying for their own private security.

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While rioters destroyed Kenosha, Evers failed to protect Wisconsin businesses and families — just ask the Democrats who criticized his response.

And during a weekend of record homicides, he refused to bring in the National Guard to protect Wisconsinites.

“Wisconsin is in desperate need of real leadership as violent crime rates soar throughout the state,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “Governor Tony Evers’ idea of leadership is telling cities and counties that if they defund their police departments, that is perfectly fine with him. This shameful veto will follow Evers through next year’s re-election when voters show him they support law enforcement and safer communities, not partisan politics.”