Gov. Eric Holcomb’s Optimistic Vision Builds Success For Indiana

Republican Governor Eric Holcomb is creating real results for the people of Hoosier State by embracing bipartisanship and an optimistic political vision. At a recent speech at an Indiana Community College, Holcomb detailed the importance of listening and working with those across the aisle in order to embrace innovation and expand opportunity for Hoosiers. Governor Holcomb’s inspired leadership in Indiana reminds America how collaboration can be effective in producing clear results despite political differences.

Matthew Tully of the Indianapolis Star writes:

“…As so much else in politics seems lost and broken, Holcomb urged his listeners to be optimistic as he focused on a series of serious issues. He encouraged Hoosiers, regardless of political affiliation, to think about the future and the state’s place in it. His sunny view of things and his cheerleading of his state seemed out of pace in this grumpy political era, and that is a very good thing.

Holcomb didn’t demonize Democrats. In fact, the Republican didn’t offer one negative word about those on the other side of the aisle. He actually said politicians should listen more to critics. He then shared an economic message that Hoosiers, so proud of our manufacturing and agriculture status, need to hear.

‘We have to recognize,’ he said, ‘that we have to be a state that doesn’t just excel at making and growing things. We have to be a state that embraces innovation…’

The governor spoke at length about the critical early years in a child’s life and the need to invest more in early learning programs. After a legislative session in which some questioned the value of preschool spending, Holcomb offered a different message. He said we have had enough with preschool pilot programs and that Indiana is ready for more robust investments.

‘It works,’ he said, offering a simple answer to what should be a simple debate…

Politics is a hot mess right now. But it’s not all bad. We just need to listen more to the right leaders.”