Under GOP Leadership, Florida Unemployment Rate Hits 11-Year Low

Thanks to Republican Governor Rick Scott’s pro-growth policies, Florida’s economy is booming.

According to a new report, Florida’s unemployment rate hit an 11-year low in July, ticking down to 3.7 percent. During Governor Scott’s tenure, Florida has created nearly 1.6 million jobs.

While the leading Republican gubernatorial candidates, Adam Putnam and Ron DeSantis, have committed to continuing Governor Scott’s lower tax and pro-jobs policies, the Democrat gubernatorial candidates want to raise taxes and push an anti-jobs agenda. Floridians can’t let Democrats turn back the clock on Governor Scott’s economic success story.

Sunshine State News reports:

“On Friday, Gov. Rick Scott announced the unemployment rate in Florida slipped down to 3.7 percent, the lowest it has been since April 2007, as more than 26,300 jobs were added to the private sector in July.

The national unemployment rate was 3.9 percent last month. Back in June, Florida had a 3.8 percent unemployment rate.”