GOP Govs Release Medicaid Reform Report

The Republican Governors Public Policy Committee released today a report detailing 31 policy solutions for reforming Medicaid.

“One of the major mistakes of Obamacare is that it ignored input from the states,” said RGA Policy Chairman Haley Barbour. “This report encompasses four months of substantive dialogue among the states about how to best reform Medicaid. It is a well thought out document that should be taken seriously by anyone in Congress or the White House who is interested in saving Medicaid

“Medicaid consumes an ever-increasing and frightening share of state budgets and the current pace of spending is unsustainable,” said RGA Chairman Bob McDonnell. “Regardless of whether or not Obamacare is repealed or struck down, Medicaid is in dire need of reform. This report offers realistic ideas about how to fix Medicaid from the states’ perspective.”

The report, titled A New Medicaid: A Flexible, Innovative and Accountable Future, follows a June 13th letter Republican governors sent to Congressional leaders outlining seven guiding principles for Medicaid reform. Every policy solution in the report falls within the principles outlined in the June letter.

You can view a copy of the report here:



Please Note: This report is a collection of policy ideas from the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee Health Care Task Force.  Inclusion in this report does not constitute an endorsement of the policy prescription by any specific governor.  Instead, these policy proposals should be viewed as among the best ideas from the states to be considered in reforming the nation’s healthcare system.  Not every governor will choose or should choose to adopt and implement all of these solutions.