GOP Governors Step In As Biden-Harris Border Failures Wreak Havoc

WASHINGTON, D.C. – For months, Republican governors have been forced to step up as the Biden-Harris border crisis worsened due to their failed immigration policies and inadequate federal support. As border czar Vice President Kamala Harris visits the southern border today, the Republican Governors Association released the following statement:

“Republican governors have been forced to step up as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ignored the crisis of their own making on the southern border,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “And Harris’ decision not to visit one of the more troubling sectors of the border today shows just how unwilling they are to see the toll of their reckless policies. Democrats in Washington are failing not just families along the border, but also Americans across the country as human and drug trafficking reaches unprecedented levels. Republican governors are the ones providing the state resources required to do what Biden and Harris refuse to.”

“Los gobernadores republicanos se han visto obligados a intervenir cuando Joe Biden y Kamala Harris ignoraron la crisis que ellos mismos crearon en la frontera del sur,” dijo la portavoz de la RGA, Joanna Rodriguez. “La decisión de Harris hoy de no visitar uno de los sectores más preocupantes de la frontera muestra que reacios están a ver el precio de sus políticas imprudentes. Los demócratas en Washington están fallando no solo a las familias que viven a lo largo de la frontera, sino también al país entero que sufre de niveles sin precedentes del tráfico de personas y drogas. Los gobernadores republicanos son los que están proporcionando los recursos estatales necesarios para hacer lo que Biden y Harris se niegan a hacer.”


Border state Governors Doug Ducey and Greg Abbott have taken critical steps to secure their states’ borders by using every state resource at their disposal in the absence of adequate federal support. In Texas, Abbott has declared a state of disaster, deployed over 1,000 troopers and hundreds of soldiers from the Texas National Guard, and created a plan to build more barriers along the border. In Arizona, Ducey has declared a state of emergency and put into action the Arizona Border Strikeforce consisting of hundreds of soldiers from the Arizona National Guard and troopers from state and local law enforcement.

On June 10, both governors issued a joint letter to each U.S. governor requesting additional law enforcement support from their states. Republican governors in Florida, Idaho, Nebraska, and Iowa have committed to send support. This support will provide for additional manpower in Arizona and Texas to allow for the apprehension of more perpetrators of state and federal crimes.