GOP Governors Release An Energy Blueprint for America

Republican governors today released a 29-page report outlining the challenges America faces on energy issues and detailing solutions to ensure the country reaches its energy potential.

The report, An Energy Blueprint for America, focuses on  key areas:

  • Regulatory Modernization
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Coal
  • Nuclear
  • Renewables
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Infrastructure
  • Research & Development and Energy Advancement
  • Energy Literacy

It is available by clicking HERE.

“Republican governors see the necessity of bringing our nation’s energy polices into the 21st century,” said Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, Chairman of the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee’s Energy and Environmental Committee. “By offering a state-lead policy, the governors’ blueprint ensures a balanced approach that maximizes energy production while protecting the environment.”

“Thanks to America’s natural resources and her people’s innovative spirit, our nation is in position to unleash an energy revolution that could create millions of new jobs while simultaneously leading to increased energy security,” said Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Chairman of the Republican Governors Association. “Emerging technologies in areas like fracking, oil exploration and coal production make American energy safer and more beneficial than ever. Our country needs an all-of-the-above energy policy that relies on all the God-given natural resources America has to offer.”

“Inexplicably, instead of harnessing American energy, President Obama is restricting it,” McDonnell said. “Unlike President Obama, Mitt Romney understands the tremendous job creation opportunities in the energy sector and the importance of reducing our dependence on unreliable, foreign energy sources.”