GOP Governors Join FNC to Demand Meeting with Biden on Border Crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Three Republican governors joined Fox News this morning to address their joint letter to Joe Biden requesting a meeting to discuss immediate federal action at the southern border. The letter was signed by more than half the nation’s governors.

Governors Doug Ducey, Brian Kemp, and Asa Hutchinson expressed their concerns regarding the national security, humanitarian, and health crises at the border that is being felt in communities across the nation. If Biden continues to refuse to enact necessary federal policies, the chief executives of the these states will be abandoned and left to deal with protecting Americans alone.

More than half the nation’s governors, all Republican, have demanded a meeting with President Biden. It is a federal issue. We want to work with them but the time for action is right now.” – RGA Chairman and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

[The Biden Administration needs] to put federal resources there that sends the signal that we’re serious about protecting the border. These are not complicated steps. These need to be done. The fact that 26 governors have signed that letter is a strong signal that this is a mess and adversely impacting all of our states.” – Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

The policies have changed, the messaging changed from the Biden Administration and they need to act. We’re glad to send more troops but the question to me, as I heard the tape earlier about the apprehensions, what about the people that aren’t being apprehended? How many people are coming across undetected? It’s the Governors who have to deal with those individuals.” – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp