GOP Governor Phil Scott Stands Up For Taxpayers In Vermont

Governor Phil Scott is following through on his pledge to fight against imposing new taxes and fees on the people of Vermont. The VT Digger reports that Governor Scott is challenging state lawmakers to change legislation that would “raise the cost of living or doing business in the state.” With Governor Scott holding the line in his fight against tax hikes, the people of Vermont are seeing real results from his leadership and understand they have a leader in office who will stand up for taxpayers.

The VT Digger reports:

“Phil Scott told lawmakers on Tuesday that he is dead serious about his pledge not to impose any new taxes or fees on Vermonters, targeting 15 bills that he said won’t get his approval until they are adjusted accordingly.

In a letter to legislative leaders, Scott listed laws currently moving through the Statehouse that he said would raise the cost of living or doing business in the state, and challenged legislators to make necessary changes to get rid of the expenses if they wanted him on board.

‘My request is simple: let’s work together to find ways for many of the proposals to advance, while respecting the need to provide Vermonters with another year of relief that begins to moderate the burden of taxes and fees,’ he wrote.

The letter goes on to list some ‘examples of bills containing new or higher taxes, fees and expenses I cannot support.’

But Scott says that he hopes to find common ground on ‘many’ of the bills.

‘Again, aside from these new or higher taxes and fees, many of these bills contain provisions I could support,’ the letter says.”