GOP Governor Matt Bevin’s Kentucky Becoming The “Seat of Advanced Manufacturing In America”

GOP Governor Matt Bevin’s bold conservative leadership continues to get results as he transforms Kentucky into a model for attracting investment and spurring job creation.

Kentucky-based Braidy Industries announced that global aluminum leader Rusal will invest $200 million in helping the company build “America’s first low-carbon environmentally conscious aluminum mill.” In their report, Forbes applauded Governor Bevin’s role in making the investment possible:

“Governor Matt Bevin, in partnership with entrepreneurs like Bouchard, is working to make Kentucky the seat of advanced manufacturing in America. He’s made significant progress in a few short years bringing nearly $19.4 Billion in investments to the state and helping to create more than 51,412 jobs.

Bevin worked tirelessly to bring Braidy Industries to Kentucky and won unheard of and unanimous bi-partisan support for the State to make a strategic equity investment in Braidy Industries.

Unlike the now imploded New York City Amazon deal, where a corporation gets enormous incentives in the form of grants and gifts—with no exchange of shares or shareholder value—Kentucky will be a direct beneficiary in Braidy’s success.”

With Governor Bevin leading the way in Kentucky, working families are gaining access to new high-paying jobs as the state’s economy continues to move toward unprecedented new heights.