GOP Governor Greg Abbott’s Texas Adds 256,000 Private Sector Jobs In One Year

With GOP Governor Greg Abbott in charge, Texas continues to rise to new economic heights with 106 straight months of positive job growth.

New February jobs numbers show that Texas added 17,700 non-farm jobs last month. Since last year the Lone Star State has added over a quarter of a million new private sector jobs, with private annual job growth currently at 2.5 percent. Since Governor Abbott took office in January of 2015, nearly one million more Texans are now employed as the state has experienced record-breaking growth.

Thanks to Governor Abbott’s pro-growth policies, working families are gaining more access to opportunities as Texas moves forward.

KFOX-TV reports:

“The Texas economy is on a growing trend. According to a recent report released by the Texas Workforce Commission, February marked the 106th month of positive job growth for the state of Texas.

The report shows that over the month of February, 17,700 non-farm jobs were added to the state.

Private sector employers added 256,000 jobs over the year. Private annual employment growth was at 2.5 percent in February and has held above 2.0 percent since October 2017.

Leisure and Hospitality added 5,500 jobs over the month, the most among major industries in Texas. This major industry has seen 103 consecutive months of over-the-year growth since August 2010.

Professional and Business Services grew by 4,100 jobs in February, which according to the report was driven mostly by growth in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, and Administrative, Support, and Waste Management and Remediation Services. The industry’s growth rate has held at or above 2.0 percent since May 2017. And after being revised up for a 3,600-position increase in January, Financial Activities added another 3,800 jobs in February, driven by increases in Finance and Insurance.

El Paso’s job growth has also increased. Right now the current unemployment rate in El Paso is 4.3 percent, when this time last year it was at 4.5.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said this is something to be proud of.

‘This is a great place to build a dream, envision that dream, build a job, create wealth and grow a company to be able to feed the El Paso economy,’ said Cindy Ramos-Davidson, the CEO of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce.

The Texas Workforce Commission released a statement stating, ‘Our states constant job growth, high demand industries and low unemployment rate makes the state of Texas one of the most attractive states in the nation.’”