GOP Governor Charlie Baker Of Massachusetts Named One Of The “World’s Greatest Leaders” By Fortune Magazine

GOP Governor Charlie Baker continues to set a clear example for bipartisan leadership in his second term as Massachusetts’ chief executive. Fortune Magazine has named Governor Baker to its “World’s Greatest leaders” list for 2019, noting his “remarkable” popularity for a Republican leading a blue state while applauding his work to address the opioid crisis and to improve the state’s social services.

Fortune writes:

“Baker’s approval ratings routinely land near 70%, a remarkable feat for a Republican leading a famously liberal state. He’s earned that favor with a quiet bipartisanship that feels almost foreign these days. A data-driven fixer—he previously led the turnaround of a health insurer—Baker has been effective in addressing the state’s opioid woes and issues with social services; he also signed a green energy bill last year.”

Governor Baker’s transformative leadership is getting clear results for the people of Massachusetts as he remains committed to making the Bay State a hub of policy innovation that improves citizens’ daily lives.