GOP Governor Brian Kemp Makes Strengthening Georgia’s Education System A Top Priority

New GOP Governor Brian Kemp is committed to improving the quality of Georgia’s education system.

In his inaugural address, Governor Kemp discussed the importance of funding education and improving academic performance for students, a key item for his campaign platform during last year’s gubernatorial race.

Governor Kemp is making it clear that he stands ready to follow through on his promise to students and teachers across Georgia by making substantial improvements to the state’s education system.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

“Full funding for education, reading in third grade and school safety all got a mention in Gov. Brian Kemp’s inaugural address Monday afternoon.

The successor to Gov. Nathan Deal struck a moderate tone and mentioned education at least four times during his first official speech after being sworn in as Georgia’s leader.

‘We’ll fully fund education, stand with our farmers and protect the values that we hold dear,’ he said a third of the way through a quarter-hour speech at Georgia Tech. He talked about growing jobs, cutting taxes and fighting for all Georgians, ‘not just the ones that voted for me,’ and he repeatedly returned to education.

Georgia under his leadership will invest in early learning, he said, noting that 63 percent of third graders cannot read on grade level.

He said Georgians deserve affordable healthcare and quality education, no matter their zip code, and said he’d partner with the legislature to ensure access to both, adding, ‘We will keep our schools, our streets and our kids safe.’

While campaigning, Kemp pledged to help schools fund safety improvements, and he promised to give teachers a $5,000 raise. Expect more details when he gives his state of the state address at the Georgia Dome Thursday.”