GOP Gov. Phil Scott Takes Action To Strengthen Vermont’s Workforce & Grow Jobs

GOP Governor Phil Scott is committed to spurring job growth and economic prosperity in Vermont through common-sense policies. The Associated Press reports that Governor Scott’s administration is taking new action with a broad economic program to train Vermont workers, grow jobs, and reinvigorate the state’s economy while working to attract new workers to the state. As Governor Scott continues to get real results by implementing bold new initiatives to strengthen Vermont’s economy, his innovative leadership continues to pay off for the people of his state.

The Associated Press reports:

“Vermont officials are hoping a new program that would use cutting-edge, targeted marketing and a host of incentives, both economic and emotional, can attract new people to live in the Green Mountain State, helping to alleviate what is fast becoming a chronic labor shortage caused by a stagnant, aging population.

While similar efforts are underway in a number of states, the push to bring new people to Vermont is part of a broader economic program that would also help train people to fill hundreds of well-paying jobs and encourage people who have left the workforce to go back to work.

The targeted efforts would focus on tourists who have shown an interest in the state, encouraging out-of-state college students to stay after graduation, getting people who have left to return or finding people who are attracted by Vermont’s wholesome image.

‘We have this interesting confluence of events, where we have the workforce challenge coupled with a state that has unparalleled livability — safety, education and opportunity — and a message that has not been well told,’ said Michael Schirling, of the Agency of Commerce and Community Affairs, who is behind the effort, dubbed the Think Vermont Move initiative…

Back in Vermont, the need to attract newcomers and find people to fill hundreds of vacant jobs is becoming an ever-more urgent priority. Since he took office last year, Republican Gov. Phil Scott has repeatedly warned about what he calls his “6, 3, 1”: Every day there are six fewer workers in the state, three fewer schoolchildren and one child born addicted to opiates. The opiate challenge is being addressed elsewhere.

Vermont’s goal is about 2,200 new workers a year. The nearly $3.2 million the administration is requesting for the program would pay for technology to identify people who would be most likely to move to Vermont and marketing.”