Good & bad news on proxy voting for Crist

Photo credit: Joe Raedle

Some good news and bad news for Charlie Crist out of DC yesterday.

Good news: Crist-backer Nancy Pelosi extended the proxy voting rules in Congress until June 28, allowing Crist to keep skipping his taxpayer-funded day job to campaign for governor (he’d only voted in person 4 days this year as of last month 😬).

Bad news: The Daily Caller is reporting Crist is facing a House ethics complaint for his unapologetic misuse of the proxy vote to campaign for governor – a violation of the rules, which specifically cite COVID as the reason for absences.

“Charlie Crist’s flagrant violation of ethics rules and complete disrespect for his constituents is just another reason Floridians can’t trust him in office,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Crist made it clear he has absolutely no intention of doing his taxpayer-funded day job in Washington or following the rules when his office bragged about his abuse of the proxy voting rules, and it’s no surprise he got his pal Nancy Pelosi to extend it for him.”