As Georgia Democrats Undermine Law Enforcement Officials, Stacey Abrams Owes Voters Answers

Far-left Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has already shown that she believes radical politics come before keeping Georgia families safe, accusing law enforcement officials on the campaign trail of “terrorizing families” by simply doing their jobs. But with her Democrat allies openly undermining policies designed to uphold the rule of law and protect America’s borders, it’s time for her to be honest with voters.

Yesterday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Democrat leaders of Atlanta announced they will no longer hold ICE detainees while demanding the agency transfer those currently held in Atlanta out of the city. In doing so, Atlanta’s leaders are refusing to honor their longstanding agreement with ICE and have made it clear that far-left politics come before the safety and security of the people of their city. This comes as leading Democrats have increasingly supported the radical Abolish ICE movement, including several gubernatorial candidates in key races across the nation. Abrams thus far has refused to give a clear answer as to whether she agrees that ICE should be abolished.

While Abrams has obfuscated and misled on a litany of questions surrounding her candidacy, she must be honest with voters when it comes to public safety in Georgia. Does she agree with her Democrat allies’ left-wing attempts to undermine law enforcement? Or will she stand for protecting Georgia’s families?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

“Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Thursday signed an executive order calling for all remaining U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees to be transferred out of the city jail as soon as possible and declaring that Atlanta will no longer hold anyone for the federal agency.

Her move follows a separate executive order from June that blocked the jail from taking in any new ICE detainees amid enforcement of the Trump administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, which split up many immigrant families on the southwest border. Bottoms has vigorously objected to that federal policy, saying: ‘As a country, we are better than this.’

There were just five ICE detainees in the Atlanta City Detention Center as of Wednesday, down from 205 in June. The number has fallen as ICE has released them, deported others and transported some to its other detention centers across the state…

Atlanta has come under heavy criticism from immigrant rights advocates for holding ICE detainees. On the other hand, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, Georgia’s Republican nominee for governor, said in June that the city should honor its ‘longstanding agreement’ to house the detainees, adding: ‘Public safety – not partisan politics – must always come first.’

ICE has said that if Bottoms were to cancel the contact, the federal agency would instead place people facing deportation in its detention centers in Folkston, Lumpkin and Ocilla. ICE and the private corrections company that operates the Folkston ICE Processing Center agreed this year to expand that facility by 338 beds.”