Fried Uses Official Office to Campaign Against DeSantis… Again

Photo by: Tori Lynn Schneider, Tallahassee Democrat

Following Charlie Crist’s “all-the-bells-and-whistles campaign launch,” Nikki Fried is desperate to stay relevant as a new poll shows Crist outperforming her in a possible governor’s race.

But Fried’s desperation is raising eyebrows as she continues to use her taxpayer-funded official office and staff to campaign against Governor Ron DeSantis. Fried announced a press conference on her campaign Twitter account this morning, but then held the event at her official offices with taxpayer-funded staff. And after the event, she distributed video of it on her campaign account. This comes just days after Rep. Brian Mast accused Fried of not doing her job.

“Nikki Fried hasn’t even officially announced her campaign for governor, and she’s already facing accusations of failing to do her day job,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “But Fried’s desperation doesn’t excuse her blatant and inappropriate use of her official taxpayer-funded resources for soft launch campaign events focused entirely on spreading partisan misinformation and lies.”