Fried Accuses DeSantis of Trying to “Start a Race War”

Photo credit: John Raoux, AP

Nikki Fried is really stepping in it this week. First, Newsweek reported she included liberal portions of her record on her English campaign website, but left it off her Spanish website. Then only updated the Spanish website after she was asked about it by Newsweek.

And yesterday Florida Politics reported that Fried made the absurd claim Gov. Ron DeSantis was trying “to start a race war… inside our state” by banning critical race theory in Florida schools. 

“Nikki Fried’s accusations against the Governor aren’t just desperate, they’re dangerous,”said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Fried has shown repeatedly that she’s incapable of being truthful about pretty much anything. Her resorting to lies and malicious manipulations on her own liberal biography and views on critical race theory are just more of the same.”

PS: Today marks eight days since Charlie Crist’s House colleague Ilhan Omar equated the U.S and Israel to terrorist organizations Hamas and the Taliban. Still no word from Charlie. Can Florida Democrats find someone who isn’t a walking disaster on the campaign trail?