FOX News Moves Ohio Governor’s Race From “Toss Up” To “Lean Republican”

Ohio GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Mike DeWine continues to gain momentum for November’s general election. In the wake of DeWine’s primary victory, FOX News has changed its rating for the Ohio governor’s race from “Toss Up” to “Lean Republican.” It’s the latest sign of strength for DeWine’s campaign, as political observers have highlighted his clear advantage against the Democrat nominee, Richard Cordray.

This development comes as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports DeWine raised an eye-popping $1 million in the 72 hours following his nomination – further evidence that DeWine is gaining steam as Cordray’s campaign stalls.

FOX News reports:

“The Midwest is looking better for Republicans running for governor. In Ohio, former Sen. Mike DeWine made easy work of his Republican primary opponent Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor and seems well situated to face Democratic nominee Richard Cordray. DeWine’s smooth sailing makes us think he is in good shape to hold the governor’s mansion in Columbus for the GOP. So we’re moving that contest from ‘Toss Up’ to ‘Lean Republican.’”