Former Obama Staffer Krishanti Vignarajah Dodges Questions on Eligibility Status – AGAIN

Is former Obama staffer Krishanti Vignarajah eligible to run for Maryland governor? On Monday, Vignarajah again refused to answer even the most basic questions about the controversy defining her nascent campaign.

Vignarajah has come under fire after it was revealed that she has been a registered Washington, D.C. voter, despite also being registered in Maryland, and has cast her votes in D.C. elections from 2010 to 2014 – potentially making her ineligible to run for governor under Maryland law.

Yesterday, the Washington Post again asked Vignarajah to comment on her eligibility status, as well as her pending lawsuit asking a state court to weigh in. Her response? Silence.

The Washington Post reports,
Vignarajah’s campaign launch was marred by questions about her eligibility for office, because she is registered to vote in both Maryland and the District and has voted in Maryland only in 2016. She recently filed a lawsuit asking a state court to decide whether she meets the state’s requirement that gubernatorial candidates be both a Maryland resident and registered voter for the five years immediately preceding the election.”

Vignarajah declined to address questions about her eligibility for office on Monday.”

Just weeks ago, Vignarajah was caught misleading voters about her eligibility status, saying she was “absolutely” eligible to hold office, even though a court has yet to rule on the matter.

Vignarajah’s refusal to answer questions about her eligibility status is disqualifying in its own right. Maryland voters deserve a governor who is honest and upfront, but Vignarajah ducks the most basic questions.