Florida’s Dem Gov Primary Gets Ugly As Graham and Levine Attack Each Other As Entitled, Tone Deaf

Desperate to turn things around amid embarrassingly low name recognition and lackluster fundraising numbers, the Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidates are increasingly going negative and attacking each other.

In a radio interview last week, Miama Beach Mayor Philip Levine attacked Gwen Graham as entitled for thinking the governorship of Florida is a “crown” she could “inherit,” and even claimed that she had never even held a job.

In response, Graham surrogate Betty Castor accused Levine of being “tone-deaf” for demeaning motherhood as “less than a full-time job.”

Since their top recruit John Morgan passed on running for governor, Florida Democrats are now dependent on their back-up candidates to unify their party. But as these remaining candidates tear each other apart and reveal themselves to be out-of-touch with Floridians, their chances of taking back the governorship continues to diminish.