Florida Politics: “Fried’s comms carousel continues”

Photo credit: Tori Lynn Schneider, Tallahassee Democrat

In case you missed it in your texts, here’s some Florida Politics‘ alliteration for you today: “Fried’s comms carousel continues.” That’s right, Nikki Fried’s self-hyped “campaign reset” is underway following the departure of her campaign managerjust 6 months before the Florida primary. But unfortunately for Florida Democrats, it’s not just Fried’s campaign that is struggling to hold on:

As reported in Florida Playbook on Friday, the two leading Democrats vying for the chance to go up against Governor Ron DeSantis in November – Fried and Charlie Crist – barely scraped together just over $1 million in the same month the Governor raised $8 million.

“The Florida Democrats’ campaigns are completely unserious at this point, and given their desperate attacks comparing Ron DeSantis to Hitler didn’t rake in the big liberal bucks, it’s terrifying to imagine what they’ll stoop to next,” said RGA spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez.