Florida Gov. Rick Scott Proposes $180 Million In New Tax Cuts

GOP Governor Rick Scott continues to fight for Florida taxpayers. He’s now proposing $180 million in tax cuts during his final year in office, which inludes a new school tax holiday that will save millions for families shopping for school supplies each year, and a new tax holiday to allow Floridians to buy hurricane supplies, tax free. Governor Scott is also aiming to enact a 50 percent reduction in drivers’ license renewal fee. Thanks to Governor Scott’s unwavering commitment to reducing the tax burden in the Sunshine State, Florida residents are reaping the benefits of effective conservative leadership.

The Associated Press reports:

“…Florida Gov. Rick Scott wants $180 million worth of cuts in both taxes and fees during his final year in office…

‘Cutting taxes work and the rest of the nation needs to follow Florida’s lead,’ Scott said in a statement.

Scott wants a 10-day back to school tax holiday where residents would not pay sales taxes on clothes or school supplies. He also wants three separate week-long tax holidays where residents would be able to buy storm preparation supplies — like batteries and flashlights — tax-free. His push for a storm supply tax holiday comes in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which ripped across the state in September, causing billions in damage and killing at least 70 people.

The governor is also proposing cutting the price of renewing a driver’s license by more than half and would take it from $48 to $20. He also wants to cut the price paid by people when they get their first Florida driver’s license.