Florida Dems Begin To Run Away From Andrew Gillum’s Radical Campaign

Florida Democrat gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum is so radical that even his fellow Florida Democrats are beginning to run away from his far-left campaign.

Gillum has based his campaign around extreme far-left ideas like a complete government takeover of healthcare, abolishing ICE, impeachment of the President, and billion dollar tax increases.

But, as the Tampa Bay Times reports, Florida’s Democrat U.S. Senator Bill Nelson “isn’t on board” with any of these radical ideas.

If Andrew Gillum is too radical for liberal Bill Nelson, there is no way swing voters are going to cast their ballots for him in November.

Tampa Bay Times reports:

“He is less enthusiastic about some of the ideas Gillum ran on to win his primary.

Take Gillum’s call to abolish the agency known as ICE, or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ‘in its current form’  Nelson isn’t on board.

‘I don’t want to abolish ICE…’ Nelson said in a sit-down Monday with the Tampa Bay Times editorial board. ‘ICE is merely the administrative agency. It’s the policies in that agency that is problem.’

What about Gillum’s support for universal healthcare, often called Medicare for all? ‘I’ve got enough trouble just trying to save Obamacare,’ Nelson said. ‘I’m into results.’

Nelson has staked his political career — and, perhaps, the Democratic Party’s chances at winning the U.S. Senate — on the assumption that a purple state prefers a moderate politician with a penchant for crossing the aisle. ‘One of America’s most independent senators,’ a recent ad touted.

But his party received a jolt last month when Democratic voters picked Gillum in the gubernatorial primary over a more moderate choice, Gwen Graham, and three others. Suddenly, Nelson, 75, is sharing the spotlight with a 39-year-old, African American mayor backed by Sen. Bernie Sanders who ran and won on an unapologetically progressive agenda.

After his stunning victory, Gillum declared a ‘political revolution’ was afoot.’

Gillum has also advocated for Trump’s impeachment. Nelson won’t go that far.”