Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum Repeats False Claim On His Government Takeover of Health Care

Florida Democrat gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum continues to mislead voters about the enormous costs of his radical agenda.

Over the weekend, Andrew Gillum was caught parroting a Socialist talking point that received a “Pants on Fire” rating from Politifact.

Now, Gillum is repeating a false claim about the breathtaking costs of his government takeover of health care – even though he’s already been called out by fact checkers for misleading voters on the topic. In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Gillum claimed that his Single-Payer plan would “save us as much as $3 trillion.”

But in August, The Washington Post gave Gillum “Three Pinnochios”  when he made the same claim. In reality, Gillum’s government takeover of health care would cost over $32 trillion and would require more than DOUBLING income taxes.

Even after fact checkers called out his false claim, Gillum keeps misleading voters about the damage his radical plans would do to Florida. Gillum can’t be trusted to be honest with voters.