Florida Dem Leader Predicts Gillum Will Drop Out Of Gov Race

With the Leon County sheriff now investigating Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s unlawful use of taxpayer-funded email resources to send multiple campaign emails, even members of his own party are saying his campaign is as good as finished. In a Sunshine State News column, Barney Bishop, the former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party, predicted not only are the Tallahassee mayor’s chances for governor, or even lieutenant governor, completely done for, but the scandal is likely to result in an indictment:

“Despite the public pronouncement that ‘I am certain there are no grounds for further action,’ in fact, I predict the mayor will ultimately be indicted and removed from office by the governor until such time as he has his day in court.

This will end any chance of this ‘tax and spend’ liberal Democrat being on the Dem ticket. 

His chances were essentially nil to begin with, certainly at the top of the ticket, but if someone other than frontrunner Gwen Graham were to be nominated, the mayor could have been a choice for lt. governor.

Now that possibility is out of the window.…

Even if he’s lucky enough to somehow avoid prosecution, his star is now falling and I predict he will be forced to drop out of the governor’s race. Karma always seems to catch up with those who deserve it most.”

Facing criminal investigation with the possibility of indictment on the horizon, Andrew Gillum’s campaign is teetering on the brink of collapse less than a month into his candidacy. Gillum’s unacceptable lack of regard for Florida’s laws proves that he is completely unfit to serve as the Sunshine State’s next governor.