At Florida Dem Gov Debate, Gwen Graham Takes Heat For Being Typical Politician, Flip-Flopper

Coming into today’s Florida Democrat gubernatorial debate, Gwen Graham had the “most to prove.” After months of failing to attract base enthusiasm or significant media attention, Graham needed a breakout performance to shake up the race and recover her footing.

Unfortunately for Graham, she failed to deliver. Instead, Graham was weighed down by devastating attacks from her rivals, Andrew Gillum and Chris King, who successfully defined her as a typical politician and flip-flopper.

After Graham struggled to explain her flip-flop on Syrian refugees, King slammed her as a “conventional politician” whose record conflicts with what she “tells” voters to get elected.

Only a few minutes later, Graham continued to take fire for running from her record. This time, Gillum attacked her for failing “to stand by what [she] says.”

Graham thought she would be able to move past her long record of flip-flopping and being a typical politician, but her Democrat rivals didn’t let her get away with it. Her window of opportunity continues to close.