At Florida Dem Gov Debate, Gwen Graham & Phillip Levine Unable To Answer How Much Their State Spends On Education

If you listened to Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidates Gwen Graham and Philip Levine laud themselves on the campaign trail, you might think they know a lot about education.

Gwen Graham claims education is not just an issue, but a “passion that has defined most of her adult life,” while Philip Levine often touts his devotion to public schools to attack charter schools.

But, at yesterday’s Florida Democrat gubernatorial debate, this façade was finally shredded to pieces in the most embarrassing fashion possible.

After being repeatedly asked by the moderator on how much Florida spends on K-12 education, neither Graham or Levine could give an answer.

Gwen Graham and Philip Levine claim they care about the issues, but once you get them off their talking points, they can’t answer basic questions.