Florida Dem Gov Candidate Gwen Graham’s “Phony” Campaign Caught Blatantly Deceiving Voters

Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham continues to confirm attacks on her that she’s a typical politician, who says one thing but does another.

In a transparent attempt to win over Democrat primary voters, Graham has been embracing extreme far-left positions and flip-flopping on various issues.

But, earlier today, a Democrat group, The Collective, called out Graham’s charade by announcing new ads that slam her as a “phony.”

Remarkably, according to Politico, Graham’s own supporters are embracing these attacks, hoping that they will help Graham run from the far-left stances she is currently touting that are toxic to “swing-voters in a general election.”

But, what Graham and her supporters don’t seem to understand is that swing-voters don’t want another typical politician, who tries to deceive them, either. Floridians deserve better than Graham’s blatantly “phony” and deceptive campaign.

Politico Reports:

“An outside group is spending more than $782,000 on the Florida gubernatorial Democratic primary’s first negative television ad campaign that casts former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham as a fake progressive who opposed former President Barack Obama on numerous votes.


If she wins the primary, her supporters hope, ads like The Collective’s attack could help her with swing-state voters in a general election.”