Flashback: Carroll-Foy claims she’s only VA gov candidate to support AOC’s Green New Deal

Today, AOC and Senator Ed Markey are reintroducing their controversial Green New Deal.

Flashback to last year when Jennifer Carroll-Foy claimed she was the only VA Gubernatorial candidate to support the Green New Deal.

Watch the video HERE.

“As the self-proclaimed most progressive candidate in the race, it’s no surprise that Jennifer Carroll-Foy is a staunch supporter of the radical Green New Deal,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “As AOC and Senator Markey reintroduce their legislation that would cost American taxpayers trillions, Terry McAuliffe needs to clarify whether or not he supports their plan. With Jennifer Carroll-Foy’s bold, progressive stances threatening to derail McAuliffe’s campaign, he would be wise to show some political courage and be honest with Virginians about where he stands on key issues.”