Far-Left Georgia Dem Gov Candidate Stacey Abrams’ Ethical Issues Continue To Mount

With three months to go until Election Day, problems continue to mount for far-left Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. Not only are Abrams’ radical views fueling doubts about her chances in November – with Peter Roff of Newsweek describing her as “an inch or two from being an outright socialist” – but her growing ethical issues have continued to raise questions about her campaign.

In response to a new ethics complaint filed last week regarding her ties to the BLUE Institute, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Abrams’ campaign refused to specifically address the allegation that she may have violated state election laws. Abrams has also offered no explanation for the possible financial stake that she may have in her own jobs plan, which gives voters reason to wonder if she is attempting to profit from public office.

With out-of-touch, extreme views and growing ethical questions surrounding her candidacy, Abrams continues to demonstrate why she cannot be trusted to lead.