Failed Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Joins Roy Cooper’s Club Of Liberal Allies

Already propped up by a bevy of campaign cash from leftists like George Soros, Roy Cooper continues to court endorsements from out-of-state and out-of-touch liberals.

Cooper’s latest conquest is former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana and failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who racked up an embarrassing 3.3 percent of the vote in the North Carolina Democratic primary. That’s an even poorer performance than another liberal Cooper backer, Mike Bloomberg, who managed to eke out ten points before folding his failed campaign.

Buttigieg’s support for Cooper may seem to come out of (far) left field, but a look at their records exposes their shared embrace of radical positions that are completely out of step with the people of North Carolina. Despite selling himself to voters as a moderate, since taking office, Cooper has “wandered leftward” and embraced policies more in line with liberal enclaves in New York and California than hardworking North Carolinians.

  • On health care, Buttigieg campaigned for a Medicare for All plan that would have allowed “people of any immigration status to participate,” while Cooper’s endorsement of the Green New Deal includes a provision that would also create a costly universal health care system.
  • On taxes, Buttigieg has described raising taxes as “political courage,” while Cooper – in a move that was less than courageous – broke his promise to not raise taxes to pay for his big government agenda.
  • If a penchant for tax hikes wasn’t enough for Cooper to secure Buttigieg’s backing, his position on illegal immigration may have done the trick. Cooper opened North Carolina up to sanctuary cities when he vetoed legislation which would have required sheriffs to work with their federal law enforcement counterparts at ICE, something that Buttigieg also supports.

“Just like George Soros and Mike Bloomberg, Pete Buttigieg supports Roy Cooper because they all share the same extreme left-wing policies,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “In Roy Cooper, elite liberals see a pawn who will enact their high-tax, big-government agenda instead of standing for the values of Tar Heel State voters.”