Failed Governor Dan Malloy Prolongs Connecticut’s Fiscal Crisis By Vetoing Bipartisan Budget

Just this morning, Connecticut’s Failed Democrat Governor Dan Malloy vetoed a bipartisan budget that would have ended the state’s costly, months-long budget disaster. Not only would this budget have resolved Connecticut’s current crisis, but it would have done so without raising taxes on Connecticut citizens. By rejecting this budget, Malloy instead chose to double-down on the same failed tax and spend policies that have caused multiple credit downgrades, sky-high deficits, high-profile business departures, economic migration away from the state, and the highest unemployment rate in New England.

As Connecticut faces a pivotal gubernatorial election next year, Malloy’s decision will undoubtedly burden Democrat candidates who have chosen to stand by him and his policies. With top Malloy Enablers Nancy Wyman standing by his failed agenda and Dan Drew’s running mate voting to do the same in the State Assembly, Democrat candidates will have to answer to Connecticut voters for supporting their party’s catastrophic policies for the last seven years.

The CT Mirror reports:

“Gov. Dannel P. Malloy delivered Thursday on his vow to veto the Republican budget unexpectedly passed with a handful of Democratic votes…

The veto came as the state was wrapping its 13th week without a budget, continuing an impasse that Malloy says could continue indefinitely if not resolved in the next two weeks. It was released on a day when Malloy resumed bipartisan negotiations with legislative leaders at the State Capitol and Republicans staged public events seeking support for a long-shot veto override attempt.

Pressure on Malloy and legislators is expected to intensify in October when the state fails to distribute education aid to most of Connecticut’s municipalities. Without a budget, Malloy says, there is no valid formula for distributing aid, other than the minimum required to meet the constitutional responsibility of providing a free and public education.”